Beine Enthaarung.jpeg

dauerhafte Haarentfernung

Haarfrei in den nächsten Sommer!

Gerade in den warmen Jahreszeiten ist es angenehm, nicht regelmäßig auf Rasierer und Co. zurückgreifen zu müssen.

Mit der dauerhaften Haarentfernung mittels Diodenlaser benötigt man ca. 8-10 Behandlungen, je im Abstand von mehreren Wochen. Da vor und nach einer Behandlung direkte Sonnenexposition vermieden werden sollte, eigenen sich für die Behandlung besonders die "dunklen" Monate im Jahr. 

Informieren Sie sich jetzt über die Möglichkeiten

FAQs dauerhafte Haarentfernung

Why become an ABF Member?

ABF is a member's organization and is committed to serving its members. We welcome you and your family to join our community for fun-filled activities of Bengal and Bengali culture. Through community service and other means, ABF members help promote cultural diversity and understanding of Bengal throughout Atlanta metro area. ABF promotes connection among members through community events and by working themselves to address community needs.

Who can be a Member?

Any person 18 years or older who subscribes to the objectives of ABF and abides by its By-laws and regulations can become a member.

Key advantages of ABF Membership:

  • Being a member gives you a sense of belonging and ownership
  • Free Saranya magazine
  • ABF has always tried to create a balance between programs by professional artists and by talented local individuals and groups
  • $5 from your yearly membership goes to charity
  • Includes Saraswati Puja, Boisakhi, Picnic, Durga Puja (excluding external artist), Lakshmi Puja
  • Discounted tickets for external artist events
  • Preference seating for ABF members during external artist events

2019 Membership Pricing

Family: $140 Bachelor: $80 Student: $80

How to become an ABF Member?

To be a member please fill out the Membership Form and the form along with payments (Check should be payable to Atlanta Bengali Forum) to the following Mailing Address: Atlanta Bengali Forum 710 Emory Bluff, Duluth, GA 30097

Member Responsibilities

  1. It is the responsibility of ABF members and executive committee members to make their best possible effort to attain ABF meetings. They should either be present or make their representative available to voice their opinion. In-ability to do so will be considered in agreement with the outcome.
  2. Elected Executive Committee is different from regular members and charged with responsibility for taking decision for ABF and works with the ABF President.
  3. Every member should get at the start of the Year a welcome package from ABF containing the ABF Rules and facilities included as part of the membership package.

Member Rules

  1. Every member has responsibility to bring new members and has the authority to accept the membership fee on behalf of ABF at any point in time in the Financial Year (FY).
  2. Every membership will have renewal fees due by end of January.
  3. New Member fee should be collected one time in full. New members applying after July will be charged a prorated amount. No refund will be made for membership.
  4. ABF commits to contribute towards charity an amount of $5 per membership.
  5. Family is defined as Husband, Wife and immediate family. Extended family will be treated as non-member and charged non-member rate. Bachelor and Student member rate is half priced plus $5 charged for charitable contribution.